Translating Consumer Behavior into Profitable Decisions with A.I.

The Nucleus software platform helps consumer goods brands translate consumer behavior into better forecasts, more effective ad spend, profitable promo calendars, and hyper-personalized marketing

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Sales and Marketing Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

Whymajor CPG brands choose Nucleus:

Your data lake isn't helping

Data Integration Isn't Enough

Significant investments in data lakes often actually create murky data swamps polluted with errors.

Targeted Data Curation

Nucleus builds granular, curated data assets through model-based targeting, eliminating sources of error.

Black box A.I. isn't enough

Black-box A.I. Doesn't Solve Problems

Black-box solutions can't throw enough data at the problem to get to answers for your business.

Fit For Purpose A.I.

Nucleus quantifies the causal drivers of business outcomes with models built from management theory to execute on flawless decision-making.

Your dashboards aren't actionable

Dashboarding Isn't Enough

You aren't getting "actionable insights" from dashboards and they aren't enough to achieve your goals.

Enterprise Decision Workflows

Nucleus allows teams to synthesize implementation plans from experts and accurate, predictive scenarios to always act on the right plan.

Unlock Value With The Nucleus Application Suite

WP Acquire

Right size and allocate ad spend and plan promotional pricing based on optimal profitability potential

Grow Return on Ad SPend up to 411%

WP Grow

Grow LTV with personalized marketing tailored to journey stage and product-feature preferences

Grow Revenue per Email up to 260%

WP Forecast

Build better forecasts combining modeled demand from marketing and sales with expertise

Improve Forecasts up to 139%

WP Allocate

Allocate limited inventory to retailers accounting for both profit potential and intangibles

Reduce Costs up to 8%

Principled Thinking